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Admescope Briefly

ADME-Tox expert, with a top-notch knowledge in drug metabolism, drug-drug-interactions & quantitative bioanalysis. From screening assays to highly tailored studies.

Symeres Finland Oy is a Finnish ADME-Tox contract research company founded in 2011, operating under Admescope brand. Straight from the beginning, Admescope’s growth has been exponential and today Admescope is managed by a team with a strong background in the CRO business.

Since 2020, Admescope has been a part of Symeres, with the ability to provide medicinal chemistry and integrated drug discovery & development services through the Symeres organization.

The Admescope team consists of chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists and technicians, all with extensive experience and strong expertise in ADME studies. Admescope serves customers in >30 different countries on five continents, having planned and conducted a high number of ADME-related studies for biotech and big pharma companies.

Our continuous service development and ability to adapt customers’ in-house processes has a lot to do with our outstanding customer satisfaction rates. Performing beyond our customers’ needs and expectations is important to us therefore we invest a lot of time, money and effort into R&D.

The aim of our R&D activities is to strengthen our position in the market and further improve our expertise and skill set, as well as being able provide even more innovative and efficient ways to conduct studies and produce top quality data for our customers.

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