Quantitative Bioanalysis

Our services for Quantitative Bioanalysis research

We offer quantitative bioanalytical services (non-GLP) for all drug modalities, e.g., small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides, antibodies and ADCs, either as a part of complete in vivo DMPK packages, or after the delivery of samples by our globally distributed customers. Our import permit covers a wide range of species, but, if a case-specific permit is required (CITES), we’ll apply that from the local authority, and the applications are typically processed quickly. We are also happy to support our customers in organizing the shipments when needed.

Admescope services for Quantitative Bioanalysis research

Modern state-of-the-art equipment including LC/MS/MS and LC/HR-MS systems are used for the studies and chosen depending on the nature and need for each study. Due to the large variety of chemistries of test compounds and the complexity of certain biological matrices, our analytical tool kit is broad and comprises the majority of chromatographic options currently available (reverse phase, HILIC, chiral), and sample preparations range from simple precipitation to complex solid phase extraction combined with chemical derivatization. Analysis of radiolabeled compounds with UPLC-online-radio detection is also available.

In highly sensitive and selective UPLC/MS/MS analysis, with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, both the parent drug and its known metabolites can be analyzed at the same time. If using UPLC/HR-MS, also unknown metabolites can be analyzed from the same data together with the known target compounds, also enabling identification of the detected metabolites. With both approaches, semi-quantitative metabolite profile can be provided based on standard samples prepared for the parent compound. Also, analysis of known biomarkers is possible, and we support customer projects focusing on biologics.

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