In vitro Metabolism

Metabolic Stability

Metabolite Identification and Profiling

Enzyme Reaction Phenotyping

Reactive Metabolite Screening

Acyl-Glucuronide Reactivity

Safety Metabolism

In vivo DMPK

Drug Interactions

CYP Inhibition

UGT Inhibition

CYP Induction

UGT Induction

Permeability and Transporters

Caco-2 / MDCK Permeability factsheets

Efflux transporters

Uptake Transporters

Physicochemistry and Binding

Lipophilicity (logP/D)


Plasma Protein Binding

Red Blood Cell Binding

In vitro Toxicology

Hepatotoxicity Screening

Cardiotoxicity Screening

Genotoxicity Screening

Cytotoxicity Screening


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