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Posted on August 26, 2021

Admescope has been providing research services for biologics over few years now. We have been pleased to have worked on numerous exciting studies and being able to help our customers with their projects.

ADC characterisation services are the most recent addition to our portfolio. These include determination of drug to antibody ratio (DAR), characterisation of the payload release and its metabolite profile. In addition, rodent PK studies can be performed in our AAALAC accredited animal unit and FcRn humanised mouse models are available to support PK profiling of mAbs. Protein quantification from biological matrices can be performed using different bioanalytical techniques (LC/MS or ELISA).

And just to remind you that if you need to evaluate the structure of your protein, we can help you as we offer LC/MS based protein MW determination and structural characterisations for post translational modifications. For investigating protein-protein interactions, including antibody-FcRn or antibody-FcƴR interactions, different techniques can be applied, namely SPR and BLI.

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