10 years of Admescope

Posted on March 26, 2021

Admescope´s 10th anniversary was celebrated on 16th March 2021. A lot has happened over the years. So, let´s start up a time machine and look back to the past!

Admescope was established by quintet of founders who had a strong scientific ADME and CRO expertise. At first, there was only one laboratory and the analytical instruments for the very first assays were borrowed from the local University. Soon after that, a couple of used LC/MS devices were assembled allowing the business to expand. New employees were hired, and new laboratory spaces were launched. However, after two years the initial premises became undoubtedly too small and it was time for Admescope to relocate to the current premises, which continue to serve very well and allow further expansion, too.

From the very beginning, the growth of the company has been incredible. Initially Admescope operated only in few countries in Europe but nowadays Admescope´s customers can be found overseas, in 29 different countries. The number of Admescope´s employees has likewise increased almost tenfold; several new service categories have been introduced and the premises have been expanded multiple times from the initial 60 m2 to the current over 1000 m2. In addition to the new laboratory spaces, the needs of the staff have also been considered and the locker rooms and the break room were recently upgraded to be more functional and cozy.

Along with organic growth Admescope has grown through the acquisition of MetaSafe AB in 2018. This broadened our service portfolio to the clinical phase, as the services for safety metabolism research were introduced. The year 2020 brought another big change – Symeres acquired Admescope. Consequently, Admescope continues to serve its customers as usual, but as part of Symeres, the integrated drug discovery and development services became available also for our customers.

But without further ado, a thank you belongs to all our employees and customers! With your help we have been able to prosper in the past decade and will undoubtedly continue to do so. No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain: we will properly celebrate the 10th anniversary of Admescope as soon as the pandemic situation allows it! 

This blog was written based on memoirs of Admescope´s founding members

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