Don’t neglect the metabolites!

Posted on March 25, 2021

Even though the focus of research in drug discovery & development programs is usually on the candidate compounds themselves, one should not forget the importance of their metabolites. Metabolites formed by various biotransformation reactions may have pharmacological effects or might be connected with toxicity-related issues. Therefore, it is important to conduct metabolite identification and profiling studies in various stages of drug discovery & development.

Admescope provides a wide selection of in vitro metabolite identification and profiling services to suit your needs, whether you’re chemically optimising metabolic clearance, investigating the species differences, selecting suitable tox species or identifying the enzymes responsible for the metabolism of your compound. In addition to in vitro studies, we perform metabolite identification for in vivo animal samples from our own rodent laboratory and for samples from other labs. For later stages of drug development, we offer metabolite identification for radiolabeled compounds and safety metabolism (MIST, Metabolites in Safety Testing) studies to investigate the adequate exposure of human metabolites in your selected tox species.

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New scientific publications

Admescope scientists have contributed to a couple of recently published peer-reviewed scientific articles. The first one is about hydrolytic drug metabolism enzyme activities and expression in rabbit and pig ocular tissues. The second article is about investigating the involvement of pregane X receptor activation on hypercholesterolemia.

New team member

Delphine Colignon has started as a Research Scientist in the In vitro Metabolism team at the beginning of this month. Her analytical chemistry skills will surely be put to good use. A warm welcome to Delphine!

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