Meet the team: Part 1

Posted on June 18, 2020

We’ve been writing this blog for four years now and gone over some very interesting topics regarding ADME and explained the importance of many of the research services we offer to support companies in drug discovery and development. Rarely though, have we introduced the people behind those services but now we’ll change that. It’s time to meet the team!

For obvious reasons, we can’t introduce everyone at Admescope in one blog post so we will do this team by team. Naturally, we chose the most important team with the brightest people in the company to start with: the Sales & Marketing team. The fact that this blog is mostly written and edited by the very same team has nothing whatsoever to do with this selection. =)

The Sales & Marketing team consists of four people: three Business Development Scientists (Miia, Maija and Jouni) and Chief Business Officer (Juho). The team is responsible for the company branding, creating content for our webpages, newsletters and other marketing materials, searching for new leads, updating the customer relations database etc. These people are the ones you are most likely to meet on our roadshows and on all sorts of exhibitions and conferences related to drug discovery and development. The Business Development Scientists also take an active role in preparing quotations according to customer requests and the whole team communicates with our customers on a daily basis.

Let’s give the team the opportunity to tell a little about themselves:

Jouni: Hi! I’ve been at Admescope for a little over three years and I’m responsible for the sales process of in vitro metabolism studies, managing digital marketing platforms and our company website. I’m one of those people prone to nostalgia and thinking that everything was better before. That’s probably why, from time to time, I still fire up my old Amiga 500 to play the kind of games they just don’t make these days.

Being a father of two small children, most of my free time is spent just doing stuff with the family. With the rest of it, I try to ski, run and play disc golf as much as I can.

Miia: Hello! It’s almost exactly two years since I started at Admescope after doing my post-doc research in the academia. My responsibilities include e.g. the sales process of drug-drug interactions, permeability & transporter and in vitro toxicology studies, content production and tasks related to the maintenance of our AAALAC accreditation.

During my free time, as a mother of three small boys, I really appreciate some quietness to recharge my batteries. I am doing that by going for long walks to the forest with our dog and in winter I love to cross-country ski. Once in a week I put on my horseback riding gear and go for a riding lesson. An hour of serious mindfulness practise combined with effective total body workout – what could be better?!

Maija: Hi, there! I’m the newest member of the Sales & Marketing team. You probably haven’t met me in the field yet, because I joined Admescope just before the pandemic started to spread in Europe. I’m waiting to hop into action as the situation allows. I support the sales process of bioanalysis, physicochemistry & binding, in vivo DMPK and biologics services.

I enjoy outdoor activities and sports and I’m always searching for an adventure. I’m definitely in, if the activity involves hiking, snowboarding or spending a night in the wilderness – just to mention a few. There is also a geek in me, and I read fantasy and play video games.

Juho: Howdy. I have been with Admescope for a bit over four years now, with my role expanding from managing the marketing & sales team to also overseeing our administration team and contractual activities, as well as contributing as a member of the management team in Oulu, and a member of the board for our Swedish subsidiary.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my wife and two wonderful daughters, and occasionally when I get a bit of me-time, I like to challenge myself with learning new skills, usually related to some kind of geeky tinkering or building projects. Recently I have been playing with a CNC router, and for the picture at the start of this blog I made a little Admescope sign with embossed lettering. I also like an occasional spirited drive on a racetrack, and for exercise I like to go mountain biking on a trail in the forest.

That’s it for now. We’ll continue with the introductions with another team some other day.

Happy holidays and have a relaxing Midsummer!

Written by Jouni, Miia, Maija and Juho

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