Symeres Services

Admescope is a part of Symeres, a fusion of leading European contract research organizations, offering a wide range of services for drug discovery and development.

Drug Discovery

Symeres delivers best-in-class chemistry solutions for drug discovery and early drug development. The discovery services span from early stage hit finding to clinical candidate identification. Symeres also partners with leading CROs for specific biological platforms, offering an integrated solution to your drug discovery needs.

Synthetic Chemistry

Symeres offers high-quality services for synthetic chemistry and preparation of research compounds, including extensive experience in metabolite synthesis. The synthesis services span from route design to milligram- and kilogram-scale supply of materials, for any application where complex molecules matter.

API Development

With two separate non-GMP and cGMP supporting business units, Symeres is able to offer chemistry solutions for early drug development. The services include route scouting, risk assessments, catalyst screens, solid-state chemistry, and early safety studies, to ensure that the route chosen for clinical supply will be robust, reliable, and ultimately scalable. Symeres delivers your early clinical drug substance API (phase I/II).

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