Admescope 2023 lookback

Posted on February 1, 2024

“Welcome to 2024! We couldn’t wait for 2023 to end,” was a sentiment echoed by many, including ourselves, as the global biopharma sector grappled with challenges amidst a tightening investment climate and consequential prioritization of drug discovery and development pipelines. Despite these challenges, Admescope’s business remained steady as our highly valued customers trusted in our ability to deliver, and we navigated the uncertainties in the market. This resilience speaks to the robust and well-balanced foundation upon which our business stands.

Admescope is a recognized pioneer in the ADMET industry, and we are dedicated to maintaining that reputation. Last year, we launched a goal-driven internal R&D investment program aimed at establishing new technologies and optimizing methodologies across our services. These investments add value to our customers in several ways, including faster turnaround times, enhanced sensitivity, lower costs, and the introduction of completely new services. This strategic decision reflects our forward-looking approach as a dedicated ADMET services provider across the portfolio, from early discovery to advanced development stage support.

As a result, cutting-edge ADME assays for oligonucleotide therapy were launched in Q4, significantly enhancing our capabilities in advanced therapeutics. Additionally, we optimized our in vivo PK assays to expedite turnaround times. Our presentations at prestigious DMDG and ISSX conferences served as a platform for showcasing our advancements, garnering significant attention and affirmation from our customers. Keep an eye out for our news releases this year as we continue to innovate!

Our commitment to delivering a seamless client experience was further exemplified as we supported several integrated drug discovery and development programs, extending from medicinal and synthetic chemistry to early and advanced ADME assays. Working side by side with our Symeres chemistry teams, we combined knowledge and efforts into comprehensive solutions. This not only strengthened our relationships with clients but also showcased the power of teamwork in achieving shared objectives.

One notable accomplishment of the past year was the successful execution of our brand update endeavor. Our goal was to revitalize our identity, bringing it in line with the Symeres brand, our parent company. The outcome is a contemporary, unified brand image that mirrors our enthusiasm for science, steadfast dedication to quality, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. While our old brand remains fondly remembered, we embrace the vibrant, cohesive aesthetic now present throughout the Symeres portfolio.

Our global business development team resumed attending events and meeting customers in person. A key focus for us in 2023 was expanding our customer base in the United States, and we were delighted to witness a substantial increase in engagement in one of the world’s most dynamic drug discovery environments.

In addition to our business achievements, we are proud to share that our team experienced growth in 2023. The influx of fresh perspectives contributes to our continued success in the future. Our strong scientific rank was bolstered by new members, and support functions were strengthened with specialized expertise. However, enjoyable work life is more than just work; it’s about the great team supporting each other through thick and thin, and about fostering a vibrant workplace culture. Throughout the year, we hosted various special events that offered inspiring and refreshing changes to our daily routines. Inbound visits by Symeres executives and our global BD team members also provided valuable opportunities for interaction.

As we enter 2024, our enthusiasm remains undiminished. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and contributing to advancements in the biopharma sector. Our top priority is to continue to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients. The journey continues, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

Written by
Outi Kontkanen, CEO

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