NEW SERVICE: Oligonucleotide ADME/DMPK Characterization

Posted on September 8, 2023

We are excited to announce the expansion of our service portfolio to now include a comprehensive range of ADME and in vivo DMPK assays specifically designed for oligonucleotides!

At Admescope, we understand the unique characteristics of oligonucleotides and the importance of evaluating their ADME-Tox/DMPK properties to ensure successful outcomes in later stages of drug development. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of metabolic stability and metabolite formation, plasma protein binding, and drug-drug interactions for oligonucleotides.

Our experienced scientific team, equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, is ready to support your oligonucleotide projects and provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

With our enhanced services, you can expect the following:

In-depth In vitro ADME assessments: Our in vitro metabolism experiments utilize various enzymatic matrices, including plasma, liver, and kidney fractions, with protocols specifically designed for oligonucleotides. We take into account the unique characteristics of oligonucleotides, such as their high stability, and ensure appropriate incubation times and cell-based models for accurate assessments.

Precise Plasma Protein Binding Determination: Our ultrafiltration method, utilizing filters with cut-off suitable for oligonucleotides, allows for reliable determination of plasma protein binding. We implement multiple pre-washing steps with a detergent solution to ensure accurate results. Trust us to provide you with precise measurements for this crucial parameter.

Comprehensive Preclinical in vivo DMPK Services: Our services cover the entire study package for preclinical in vivo DMPK studies of oligonucleotides. This includes the conduction of the in-life part, bioanalysis utilizing LC/MS, ELISA or qPCR, and thorough data processing and reporting. Rest assured, we will provide you with the valuable insights you need to advance your oligonucleotide development.

At Admescope, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and high-quality data to facilitate your oligonucleotide research and development. Partner with us and leverage our expertise in ADME-Tox/DMPK assessments for oligonucleotides and other drug modalities.

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Meet the Admescope team at the 25th North American ISSX Meeting in Boston!

Admescope will be represented at the event by Dr. Ari Tolonen (CSO, Head of in vitro Metabolism and Biotransformations), Dr. Miia Kovalainen (Head of Business Development) and Leah Haydock (Director of Business Development).

On Monday September 10th at 9:45, Dr. Ari Tolonen will give an exciting presentation about “In vitro – in vivo correlation of antisense oligonucleotide metabolism” – you don’t want to miss that!

Feel welcome to stop by for a chat and learn about our services at Exhibit Space #500 or poster #P65. We hope to see you there!

A decade of integrated drug discovery services at Admescope’s mother organization, Symeres

Integrated drug discovery requires three crucial pillars: medicinal chemistry (including synthetic chemistry, drug design, modeling, and parallel chemistry), ADME-Tox, and target-disease biology (Oncolines). Symeres’ medicinal chemistry team has renowned experts in the area, who rapidly convert the design ideas into physical compounds, augmented by in-house synthetic organic chemistry, together providing integrated drug discovery and development already for a decade.

Since 2020, Admescope ADME-Tox platform has supported integrated drug discovery by combining a full suite of in vitro ADME-Tox assays and in vivo pharmacokinetics models with medicinal chemistry. Look for more information on Symeres website.

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