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Posted on June 1, 2023

In vivo characterization is critical at various stages of the drug discovery and development process. Admescope’s service portfolio covers a wide selection of in vivo capabilities ranging from initial PK screening to full evaluation of pharmacokinetic parameters and in vivo metabolite identification. Our AAALAC-accredited animal unit is located under one roof just next to comprehensive bioanalytical labs for smooth study management and quick turnaround times.

Early stage in vivo DMPK discovery is often started with rapid PK screening, whether as a stand-alone service or within an integrated drug discovery program. Initial preclinical formulation development is often needed before getting started. If there are multiple compounds requiring testing, a cassette administration increases speed and reduces the number of animals needed. Besides obtaining quick plasma PK profiling for a series of compounds, we commonly assess distribution across a wide range of tissues, including brain and CSF for blood brain barrier permeability. All typical dosing routes are supported ( i.v., p.o., i.m. and i.p.).

Later, full PK profiles can be characterized including collection of various tissues for analyzing either the parent compound and/or the metabolites. Furthermore, excretion in urine and feces reveal more information about the fate of the compound, and our labs are equipped with metabolic cages for full sampling.

As the project is moving forward towards preclinical in vivo tox assessment and phase 1 studies, CMC development becomes relevant. Within our Symeres organization, we can support you with full formulation development including formulation comparison in the context of their PK performance.

High quality PK data requires coupling with high-quality bioanalytical capabilities. Generally, quantitative bioanalysis in PK experiments consists of monitoring known compounds, such as a parent compound and its known metabolites. But, unknown metabolites can also be uncovered, provided the analysis is performed on high resolution mass-spectrometry instrument instead of the typically used, and more sensitive triple-quadrupole instruments favored for targeted analysis.

Our R&D team is continuously working to provide more comprehensive services, as well as improving our existing portfolio. Stay tuned, as soon we’ll have more offerings available for supporting your in vivo DMPK needs!

In vivo DMPK data not only for small molecules!

Did you know that besides working with small molecules, our team is experienced on conducting PK studies and analyzing in life samples with other modalities, such as peptides, mAbs and ADCs . In addition, we can work with radiolabelled compounds.

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