Admescope 2022 lookback

Posted on January 31, 2023

2022 was full of action, and it marked the most successful year to date in Admescope’s history. We are grateful to our customers who trusted us to perform their studies and are proud to say that we contributed to the highest ever number of drug discovery and development projects for customers across the continents.

Our scientists designed and executed assays in support of both small and large molecule therapeutic projects, across the portfolio bandwidth varying from early ADME screening to full IND ADME packages and in vivo MetID. Integrated drug discovery platform projects really kicked-off, and together with our colleagues at Symeres medicinal chemistry team, we supported tailored programs with a close operating model for timely ADME and DMPK inputs to further guide the chemistry efforts.

We built and expanded and added analytical equipment with significant investment into the DMPK-department and to our already extensive LC/MS capacity by acquiring state of the art high-resolution MS’s. Our goal is to increase customers’ access to our ADME-Tox capacity, and to build services according to our strategy. With the lead of our CSO, Ari Tolonen, we are looking forward to revealing new and enhanced services over this year, so stay tuned!

Science is everything for us. After a long time, we were again able to travel to conferences, trainings, and to meet with customers, collaborators, and colleagues, and we shared and exchanged ideas with the brilliant minds of the industry. Science happens also within our walls, and as a result of in-house training and career development opportunities, we were happy to celebrate our colleagues stepping up into new roles. Our overall headcount increased as a result of new members joining at Admescope, as well as with Symeres acquiring Organics Inc. and Exemplify Biopharma Inc. for labs and expertise in the US. At the time of writing this, we are altogether over 600 scientists in drug discovery, development, and manufacturing, all contributing to a growing number of biotech and pharma companies’ portfolio.

Admescope is in an excellent position for further growth, and we are heading into 2023 again richer in experience and expertise, humbled by the trust from our long-term and new clients, and excited by great drug discovery!

Outi Kontkanen, CEO

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