I have become an Admescopian!

Posted on November 17, 2022

Time goes by fast when having fun – such a cliché, and yet so true! It was a just over a year ago when I joined Admescope, and no doubt it has been one of the most memorable periods of my life so far.

Coming in was exciting and made easy by the well-established team, and to whom I am grateful for tolerating a rookie interrupting their day-to-day with numerous questions. There have been many aha-moments over the year, and I continue learning every day. Support from the former CEO, the whole Admescope personnel, and the management team of Symeres has been continuing and always available, and their role has been essential.

First impressions are often true. I recall noticing the rigor of management processes, quality system, and organizational maturity from the first day. Such a solid foundation provides a great basis to build on. Another eye opener was the versatility and depth of scientific knowledge of our team, even that I already knew the reputation of hard-core ADME experts, but witnessing it daily gives yet a different level of appreciation. Not surprisingly, our annual customer survey clearly pointed it was not just me and my impressions but also noticed by others, too.

How does a new manager know what is the right direction, and how to manage change? Surely intuition is helpful, but even more so open conversations with the team to gather insights, suggestions, historical knowledge, and formulating all that together for a sensible path forward. We have made good progress in strategic initiatives such as investments to facilities, people, and equipment, focusing on our core assets, and taking steps to concur new ideas and opportunities. Admescope is going forward with innovation and passion for ADME-Tox!

Perseverance has been in global demand this year, us being no exception. The characteristics of the Finnish mindset of grit, or “sisu”, as we call it, is truly an asset of this team. The life brings in the unexpected when you the least anticipate for it, and this is where the team spirit truly comes into the play. We have supported each other in the ups and downs, with resilience, and our hearts and thoughts are with those going through the hard times.

I cannot end this blog without mentioning the nature in Oulu, outdoorsy as I am. Beauty of the Oulu region was previously unknown to me, with the Gulf of Bothnia coastal line and archipelago that are breathtaking when covered by ice and snow in crystal clear winter evenings. Not to mention the all-night-long days in the warmth of the summer, with fields, sandy beaches, lighthouses, and abundant birdlife. Jogging by the riverbanks of River Oulu and parks around has been the perfect relaxation. Every time I am heading out by plane I look down as long as possible, enjoying all of it, and truly appreciate the quality of living here.

I have become an Admescopian!

Written by
Outi Kontkanen, CEO

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