New Admescope e-book is out!

Posted on June 10, 2021

Since Admescope’s previously published six e-books have been taken very well by the readers, we are delighted to share with you that the series continues with a new e-book: Preclinical characterization of biologics!

Earlier e-books have comprehensively discussed the ADME-Tox research of small molecules. The seventh e-book familiarizes the reader to the world of biologics and what are the typical approaches taken in their characterization, with a special focus on monoclonal antibodies.
We encourage you to download the e-book through our website and spend a moment getting introduced to the topic.

Missed the webinar “In vivo pharmacokinetic experiments in preclinical drug development” in May?

Last month, Dr Janne Mannila gave an interesting webinar on in vivo PK studies, organised by Symeres, and we were extremely happy to see so many online attendees!

In the case you didn’t have a chance to register and attend, there is nothing to worry about, since you can access the on-demand webinar on the Symeres website, among the other interesting on-demand webinars!

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