A new e-book is out and it’s all about biologics!

Posted on June 1, 2021

Admescope’s e-book series was launched in 2017 and the six e-books published over couple of years cover comprehensively ADME-tox topics for small molecules, the latest one being about Safety Metabolism in 2019. We have been delighted by the received positive feedback and huge interest towards our e-books.

Admescope introduced the first services for biologics in 2018, after an intensive R&D project. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for biologics services driving us to work more around the topic to expand our portfolio for supporting biologics projects. Hence, also this e-book is a logical addition to the series of previous e-books, as this introduces the readers to the world of biologics and their preclinical characterisation. In this e-book, the Head of Biologics, Dr Vesa Ruotsalainen shares his expertise and raises important points worth to consider regarding the preclinical characterisation of biological drugs.

You can find the e-book on our website, among the other earlier published ones – why don’t you have a look at those, too? Have a good read!

Written by

Miia Kovalainen

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