Twenty twenty, that was a plenty. Of everything.

Posted on January 11, 2021

Well yes, what a year it was, in joy and sorrow, something to be remembered. While earlier these New Year blogs, written by yours truly, have been more or less a retrospective view of what we achieved and how much we grew, now it feels these typical business topics are only minor things of the past year.

This is even though we did grow at least as much than during the previous years, with the best business numbers ever, clear new record in number of customers won, and the highest overall results from the customer satisfaction survey, just to name few nice achievements.

But naturally the thoughts and memories turn back also to the rocks on the path, with this certain virus spreading over the world and changing many of the work-related habits that we have. Remote work from home with kids, offices built on kitchen table, VPN connections and other related more advanced IT technologies, online meetings and “you’re on mute” suddenly became all routine. No travelling all the time but rather 11 months within a 50 km circle, facemasks and disinfectants, coffee breaks and lunches with smaller crews. Luckily for us Finns, keeping the social distance has not been so difficult, as the typical distances in the pasts have been longer than what recommended now, hah. Also, luckily, our local government and healthcare authorities in Finland have done a great work in keeping the situation at least somewhat well in control, when comparing many other countries, and perhaps our low population density has something to do with that. However, on our fellow-site in Sweden have been surrounded by a bit more severe situation, affecting more to our business in Sweden as well. But most importantly, so far we have managed to keep our staff safe without any infections, and for that we need to say a big thanks to all staff members acting according to the set rules and regulations. Naturally, the situation is not over, and we need to keep our lines straight related to these topics, although the worldwide start of vaccinations is already here – as a great demonstration of the power of modern science.

Another big thing that kept us in busy over 2020, were these Dutch ladies and gentlemen formerly known as MercachemSyncom, and now since November as Symeres. Discussions and audits started on the autumn ended happily in the October, Admescope becoming fully sold. We will thus continue as a part of Symeres, but still using our Admescope brand, with the same team and same services than in the past, so that for our customers nothing will change. Now after couple of months, some essential alignments have been performed and the future looks really great with all our new colleagues in The Netherlands and in Czechia. Yet a big thanks for a very warm welcome as a part of the Symeres from all people involved!

Now, with these changes we are eagerly looking towards the New Year, with broadened possibilities and visions of a larger company, but still remembering our past and waiting for our 10th birthday in March; let’s hope that the regulations of that time will allow us to have a good party.

Admescope, now a Symeres company, wishes safe and vaccinated 2021 for everybody! 

Cheers, Ari 

Written by Ari Tolonen, CEO

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